As a teacher, one of your requirements would be to plan occasional field trips. So, every time you wish to take your students outside of the classroom and provide them some real-learning experience, you need to organize everything thoroughly to avoid ending up in a disaster.

It shouldn’t surprise your why school boards have become extremely cautious when it comes to this type of activity. They are mostly afraid of litigations, and therefore, school administrators are slow to permit anything considered risky or dangerous.

On the other hand, visit if you lack some field trip ideas. Now, in this article, we will focus on the necessary steps to planning a successful filed trip.

Consider where you want to go

If you already decided on a location, then you can skip this step. But, for teachers who are yet to decide, then brainstorming some ideas is a must. You could talk to other teachers who might be involved in this process and try to come up with some solution.

School Bus
Perform some quick research and see whether some locations are more appealing than others. Don’t forget to calculate the costs, as well as services that place is offering. Once you narrow down the choice, please discuss with your colleagues again and ask your students for their preferences.

Talk to your principal

If you are already planning a field trip, then you probably know that you are allowed to engage in this type of activity. However, you need to run specific details with your administrator. Prepare some notes before you decide to schedule a meeting, since note will help you present your plan more comfortably.

In this case, include dates you are thinking of, the reasons why you want to go, and how much money will the trip cost.

Arrange transportation

While the field trip is mostly about having fun, you have to think about some basic stuff too. For instance, arranging transportation is one of them. If you are taking a large group of kids, the most convenient solution would be to rent a bus. On the other hand, for small groups, teachers can take staff vehicles.

Kids On Lake
If you are taking the kids to visit some local sight, then you may even walk to your destination. When it comes to the bus transportation, you should arrange everything on time, find an available bus driver, as well as a bus. Additionally, they will have to know when you are departing and coming back because they might need a bus specifically designed for that purpose.

Create a food plan

Here you can explore a couple of options:

Cafeteria or on-site restaurants – some facilities feature restaurants or cafeterias, which make it easier for you to monitor everything.

Bring lunch with you – this is the most affordable option. But some kids might be too lazy to bring lunch and they will irritable and grouchy from not eating.
Off-side restaurant – this option is quite popular with students. However, you will have a hard time supervising everyone, and students often go for unhealthy food choices.