The right candidates are out there- the people with personality and skills that would fit perfectly well within your organizations culture and make your team flourish even more. However, to find them, as an employer, you will need to rise above the noise, capture their attention and convince them to choose your company over others.

One of the most common ways to uncover potential employees today is through the use of online sources. There’re hundreds of job boards, both niche based and generic, as well as aggregators, networking groups, social media platforms, and staffing company websites where you can find job seekers.


The job boards provide plenty of listing, however, you can get overwhelmed finding the right candidate due to the many options available. Discussed below are the top best job searching websites that will give a good starting point for your next job hunt.


vCandidates is an ideal recruiting platform and tool that enable recruiters unlimited communication and search capabilities.

As a recruiting company, they expedite the search, screening, interviewing and presentation process thereby saving recruiting companies valuable time and allowing recruiters the ability to increase their candidate submission. The co-founders of this company understands the problems that plaque recruiters and their selection process.


iCIMIS is a big platform that does everything. From social recruiting to application tracking and talent pipelining and onboarding. This is a good platform for companies that don’t stop at sourcing.


The software allows employers to create job cards and share them on social media. “If you are looking to turn your social media presence to a powerful talent funnel, then iCIMIS has got your back.

3. Ascendify

This is a unique solution that brings together all the latest talent acquisition tools. It combines applicant tracking system with customer relationship management.

In addition, it is a socially focused recruiting tool that give recruiters direct access to a wider pool of candidates on a much personalized level. Besides, it enables you to use your organizations career page as a hub for applicants.

4. Lever

For beginners, the Lever is a browser extension that you can use to automatically turn candidates on multiple websites like Angel List, GitHub, and Dribble into entries to your ATS. The ATS is an incredible button on the browser; it’s presented as a social feed that allows your recruiting team members to align themselves with one another and keep tabs on the overall process.

5. Hired


Hired isn’t for everyone. The platform flips the recruitment process upside down. Here, candidates are required to create profiles and recruiters then sort through the profiles and send a job invite interview for the candidates they like. In addition, it is worthy to note that on Hired, it is recruiters who apply to candidates, rather than candidates applying to the employers.

Final Thoughts

Foe very challenge that employers face, there is a technology vendor trying to solve the problem. If you biggest worry as an organization is finding the right candidate, then we suggest you start with the available tools in this list.