No matter the situation, life is not easy. With so much pressure and obligations, it is crystal clear people often feel anxious and overwhelmed. S time pass by, the pressure of life mounts. Although people try to move forward, their personal lives decline and they revert back to the status quo.

Thus, getting a life coach is essential. Getting a life coach helps people see and view things from a fresh perspective. Listed below are some of the best life coaches in Phoenix city.

1. Tara J Nolan

Tara Nola is a life coach in Phoenix. Besides, she is a clinical social worker and therapist. With a master degree in mental health and counseling. For over 25 years, she has been working with men, women, and couples by providing them with the right tools and encouragement to enable them to become the best of themselves. Besides, she encourages her clients to nature and brings their talents to everything they do in life.


Additionally, Tara Nolan specializes in the practice of life coaching. You can book an appointment with her form the website Moreover, she practices Brain spotting a technique that is used to support clients in accessing their inner thoughts and feelings combined with mindfulness and biofeedback practices.

2. Lisa Perez

If you are looking for an executive, leadership and performance coach, then Lisa Perez should be your life coach. Whether you are looking for the right job or you want to move forward the corporate ladder, Lisa offers coaching that assists in bringing passion, wellbeing and mindset leadership together with greater success at the workplace. Her approach encompasses the whole-person in order to assist the clients to reach their goals and full capacity with purpose and meaning.

If you are looking for a coach that will help you reach your professional and personal career goals by overcoming limiting thought processes and by developing effective life habits for greater success.

Lisa has a master’s degree in psychology with an emphasis on life/work wellbeing. With over 25 years of experience in leadership in the corporate world.

3. Casey Moran

If you are looking for a coach who can help you reach your potentials, then Casey Noran should be your life coach. As a performance coach, Casey will show you how to tap your true potential by finding that something you are missing and take charge of your life. The end result is more energy, higher cognitive function and feeling better.


Moreover, Casey uses a pragmatic approach to Bio hacking and Neuroscience that is critical making small changes in your everyday life to be the best version of yourself. Besides, he uses a relaxed and driven demeanor that comes across with an optimistic outlook.

4. Dale Marcotte

Dale is a life, relationship, and spiritual coach. If you are stuck at in your health, relationship or careers, taking the bold steps of moving forward might not be easy. Nonetheless, Dale can help you through this process. He focuses on imaging and balance technique in guiding through the recovery path.

Traditional therapy aims at curing illness or at the least mitigating the effects. You session with Dale will start by correcting the performance by interrupting all the patterns. Besides, I diversely employ the use of traditional performance coaching to reiki and raja yoga.

5. Joseph Rodrigues

Are you having a burning desire of taking yourself to the next level and you do not know how? If you are that person, then life coach Joseph Rodríguez should be your next coach. Besides, he is a business and performance coach.