There are many myths about the college experience. The information below is to help you dispel some myths about going to college.

Myth: Most parents and students have a savings plan for their children to attend college.

Fact: Very few families save in advance. If you have not started saving now, it may be the best way to get funding through scholarships, grants, or through the tools to get into college for free. Financial aid is another potential resource and can be an effective way to help you in college cost.


Myth: The school counselor can provide you with all the information you need to know about college attendance.

Fact: College counselors can only provide you with limited information about college admissions, attendance, and funding. With the increased level of competition to enter college, you must find resources on your own.

Myth: You must be smart to attend college.

Fact: There is a college for everyone who wants to attend and anyone who wants to study and put forth the effort to graduate.

What are the facts about college education?

University education shows that you can take the next step in learning achievement. University education shows that you have decided to become an independent individual and that you have taken the time to study some topics that may be outside your scope.

Yes, you will have to study English, math, and science. You may even need to study physics, chemistry, and biology, but when you are finished; you will know many subjects that you cannot get in any other way. That is the real goal of college at university level.

Needs and wants students

According to a recent study, many high school students want to attend university. This study details the three main reasons why most students do not attend college. The third most common reason students did not participate in college was that their parents did not attend.



But there are many things you do that your parents did not. Your parents did not have 3D video games, and your parents did not have MP3 players and did not grow up with the concept of greenery. Throughout your life, you will do many things that your parents did not do. So, saying that your parents did not do that is a weak excuse.

Students do not know what they want

The other reason that some students do not attend college is that they do not know what they are studying. Many people are unsure what they want to do in their lives. Just because you are not sure of your future does not mean you need to become stagnant.

The college will offer you many careers and opportunities that you may not be aware of. The college will make you aware of the invitations within professions and career opportunities that may be ideal for your personality. So this is not a good reason not to come.


The first reason why students are not attending college is funding. Capital! Again this is ridiculous. Finances must not be an obstacle to your college. Funding is available through different sources, through various organizations and means for everyone who wants to join the university — anyone who takes the time and effort to find and use these resources quickly and easily.