With most elementary and middle school students, keeping the classroom lively and active is a regular part of their learning experience. Most activities that promote creativity in the classroom can be easily incorporated into any lesson plan. The key to making the most of these activities is planning ahead and having a clear idea of what the desired goal is for the day. The following are some ideas for activities that promote creativity in the classroom.


This activity encourages children to think about how they can role-play an action and use it to solve a problem. It is easy to use this as an alternative to playing alone or even with friends. All that is needed are a group of children, some role-playing gear such as puppets, face painting, and paper, a set of scissors and paints, etc. The more creative the activity is, the better.


This is a great activity to introduce kids to paint. While this does not lend itself to very much flexibility, it does offer endless possibilities. Kids will create whatever they desire and enjoy every minute of it.


This can be one of the most invigorating activities for kids. It will help them develop musical and artistic skills, which are invaluable throughout their young life. The creative aspects of music are great for introducing new ideas into the classroom. They can also provide a venue through which other activities can be introduced in the classroom.

children writing in classroom


Creating artwork is a form of creative outlet. Students learn to express themselves artistically as well as creatively. This is a great way to bring a subject matter to the classroom and will give students ideas about different subjects and allow them to draw what they see. You can also take this opportunity to use technology in the classroom, by allowing students to use various programs for drawing on the computer.


Gaining social interaction is essential for a healthy learning environment. Activities that engage students on a sub-conscious level like games will create an environment where learning takes place. These activities will encourage players to think critically and create original ideas.

Non-creative activities.

There are many activities that do not promote creativity but instead, teach students about other subjects. These are a good fit for students who already have subjects they are familiar with and love. They can be paired with topics that they have an interest in or that relate to their field of study. By doing such activities in a classroom, students will also be motivated to read more.

Finding activities that promote creativity in the classroom can be easy. All it takes is some research and a little imagination. Look at current topics in the media that are of interest to you and try to figure out ways to combine those interests into new, creative projects. You might want to introduce a student to the world of drawing and then pair him or her with an expert in the field of photography. The possibilities are endless.

As a teacher, you also have the ability to inspire and motivate your students to think and develop new ideas. This is your duty as a teacher. Inspirational activities can be used to bring about creativity in classrooms. There are many tools available to help educators engage students in learning new creative skills. Classrooms should have activities that encourage creativity.

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Encourage brainstorming activities.

This encourages students to express themselves through their projects. Teachers need to be willing to allow some risk. If an activity doesn’t involve risk, it will not inspire creativity.

Find activities that will engage all of your classroom’s demographic groups.

Your demographic group may include, African-American, Hispanic, Asian, and Middle-Eastern cultures. Make sure the activities center around their interests. For example, if the student is from the African-American community, find activities that engage African-Americans and give them a chance to use black writing techniques. You could also find activities that center around working with different cultures and one that uses a multicultural theme.

To sum up

There are endless ideas when it comes to engaging students in having creative activities. Classrooms should always be a place where the students are able to grow and benefit from an environment that promotes growth and development. The creativity in your classroom will be determined by the activities you choose to use. Consider these ideas as you plan the next classroom activity.