Pruter’s Taekwondo Martial Arts Fitness is a family owned martial art school that was founded by a couple and their children. The parents were called Master’s Kevin and France Pruter and their children Hans and Tasha.

These martial arts school involves everybody in society with children being the most loyal clients. You can easily access the school it along 818 SW Blue Parkwa Lees Summit, Missouri and mostly open all days of the week except Sundays.

They open up from 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM and they hold different classes and sessions meant for everybody who is interested in knowing some martial arts.


For more information about Pruter’s Taekwondo Martial Arts Fitness click here and learn more on how to enroll and be a member of this martial art school. Since martial arts is specialized mainly into two categories they offer both soft and hard styles.

This classification is done based on the technique used in dealing with an opponent and the kind of force to exert when attacking and using these techniques.

The hard martial style involves the use of meeting force with force. You expend a lot of force to match up with the kind of technique needed here. While using this technique martial artists use a different stance that would go to instances of having solid blocks aligned firmly on the ground and using a huge mass of force to break them by either blocking or punching them.


This kind of practice requires somebody who has gone through thorough practice to master this practice in martial arts. The main intention of practicing this form of martial arts is because it helps build strong and hard bones with time which can be a vital tool when facing up with any challenge.

On the other side, the other form of martial art taught in the Pruter’s Taekwondo Martial Arts Fitness is the soft styles.

This form teaches any martial artist to use the opponent’s force and momentum to their advantage. The main aim in learning this form of martial art is to lead an opponent off balance which gives them the advantage to lounge a strike that should put the attacker down. The things to pay attention to when doing this soft style is both agility and speed.