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Best Beach Reads to Enjoy This Season

“Books to read on the beach” is a term I have come across many times, but have always had a hard time pinning down the correct definition. To most people the idea of beach read comes from the cute pictures, many magazines have of children lying on the beach reading a book. In truth, this is not necessarily the most accurate definition. To most people, it means any book that is read while lying on the beach. However, I will show you why this is actually not the most accurate definition.

What are beach reads?

The term “beside the pool” is also misleading. While I have not seen pictures of kids lying on the beach reading, every year on this spot I have seen children reading a book. Also, sometimes parents read books to their children here. It could be a novel, comic book, or non-fiction book. If you ask me a beach vacation is not a book to read while lying on the beach. However, it would be nice to have some lying around at this time of year just in case.

I would rather see you reading a story in a garden, on your porch, while strolling through the park. These are places where you can relax, gather your thoughts and really get into a good book. Books to read on the beach tend to be much more casual. They are usually written by someone who is either sitting on the beach or just basking in the sunshine. It’s not necessary to justify their choice of reading material, as it is obviously not because of their location.

beach read book

How to find them?

So now that we’ve defined what the best beach reads are, let’s talk about how to find them. Well, there are a couple of ways to do it. The first is to buy a book and read it while lying on the beach. This is not always possible, so there is another way. You can surf the internet looking for lists of popular beach reads or read summaries of the top best beach reads.

Now back to the question, “Books to read on the beach?” Well, some of my favorites include novels and romance. Romance books are best read at night when you can wear a long-sleeved dress and a big hat. A romantic comedy is also a great choice if you’re planning on spending a relaxing vacation on a beach with your date or if you have some sweet dreams about being together in the future.

What are some great choices?

Books to read on the beach are all about escapism and that’s what makes them a great choice if you have an off-season vacation planned. By choosing to read something you enjoy you are less likely to dread the next vacation because you have already read a book. Of course, if you choose the right book you will find that it helps you relax when you get home and think about the next adventure you want to try out.

One of my favorites is called, “Good Beach Reads,” by Debra Smith. This is a collection of ninety beach reads that are all great reads. This book has good beach reads like, “On the Beach,” “Dead Man Walking,” “Ten Things I Love About You,” and “The Lost Weekend.” There are also some stand-out best beach reads that include “Swinging Through the Palms,” “Pray for the Wild Things,” and “Keep Your Coat On.”


Now that we know what books to read on the beach, the best advice I can give you is to find the ones you really enjoy. I know this might sound impossible, but sometimes you might be in a book store and pick up a book you didn’t even want to read. Sometimes it’s hard to find good beach reads, but once you get a couple of them you’ll start to find more of them. You’ll have your own collection of great beach reads that you’ll love to look through on days that you take a trip to the beach.

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Best Movies Based on Books

In honor of this year’s Oscar Awards, we rounded up some of Hollywood’s best films based on a book, taking into consideration both its commercial success and how well the film adapted its source material. There are many best films based on a book that never made it to the big screen, and this is especially true in the horror genre. Some of these movies never received the backing of Hollywood, while others were turned into super hits only to be shelved for decades. In either case, it pays to know what films are now considered classics, and here are the best examples.


One of the most enduring and beloved films of the decade is Invictus. Based on the book by Cook, this tense drama stars Matt Damon as one of the world’s greatest military leaders, General George S. Patton. As a war leader, he is almost reluctant to pick up the arms again after seeing the carnage of war during the Vietnam War. But when his own troops are slaughtered at the battle of Anvil, he discovers the horrors of war and stands back with a vengeance, determined not to fail in his mission to protect America. Damon also provides one of the best-supporting casts in an action/adventure film, giving a series of complex and conflicted characters an often-perfect screen performance.

DaVinci Code

Another of the best films based on a book that won Oscars was The DaVinci Code. Winner of four Oscars including Best Picture, this science fiction thriller depicts the complicated interactions between a religious fanatic, a scientist, and a Vatican official during the Renaissance era. Leonardo DiCaprio plays the mind behind the conspiracy and happens to be both the faith-based and scientific mind of the film. This Oscar-winning film also starred Al Pacino and Russell Crowe as the three main characters. Though largely forgotten upon its release, The DaVinci Code still managed to gross over $1 billion worldwide. Just as Gladiator is remembered for the grand battles between gladiator fights, The DaVinci Code is remembered for the interplay between three major characters, which remains the best scene in a science-fiction film, and the book is still on the list of must-read books.

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Kill Bill

One of the best movies based on a book that never got an Oscar nomination was Kill Bill. Now, that’s putting it mildly, because Kill Bill has a lot going for it. Firstly, the story and the intense fighting scenes were probably the best elements of the entire movie, which made it an easy Oscar winner. However, writer Suzanne Collins did manage to include a great deal of humor and one of the more memorable supporting roles in any movie, Jennifer Santos from Sex and the City.

While Kill Bill was not actually an adaptation of a book written by pulp fiction author Gertrude Stein, many of the same characteristics can be found in her stories, particularly her protagonist, the heroine, Binkle. Stein wrote a number of stories set in the Wild West, and although she based most of her stories on the lives of cowboys, she also borrowed plot concepts from a number of other sources. Forrest Gump was based on a story that Stein wrote about a man called Huck Finn who travels across the Wild West with a band of outlaws, on a quest to find the legendary Fountain of youth. Another of the best movies based on a book that never got an Oscar nomination was The Pursuit of Happyness. Based on the novel by John Stein’s The Road to El Dorado, the movie revolves around a young girl’s search for the legendary city of San Francisco with her newly remarried, intelligent, and somewhat crazy mother.

The Departed

Of all the novel-based movies ever made, perhaps the best one was The Departed. Although technically a sequel to the first film, The Departed differs mainly in that it is intended to be a stand-alone film with no ties to the previous films. It is told from the point of view of a former FBI agent, Joe Mantegna, who is found dead, supposedly killed by some motorcycle-riding terrorists. This film adaptation follows the same format as many other novel adaptations, with interviews with notable characters, and a fair amount of twists at the end result. One of the greatest strengths of the film is the way in which director Tom Cruise uses his physical movement to tell the story, rather than using exposition. As a result, the film never loses its momentum and ends up as a very entertaining and successful film overall.


As you can see, there is a lot that can be learned from adapting a novel into a successful blockbuster or TV show/film. Even though the first or second installments of the adapted material may not be as successful as the source material, the third and fourth installments can definitely follow in the same vein. Why stop there? Take the formula and run with it! The more successful your film adaptation is, the more likely you are to produce more such movies based on book ideas.

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How to Write a Journal

Many people wonder how to write a journal. Whether it’s for personal use or as a record of significant events, the act of recording your thoughts can be therapeutic. It allows you to take time out to slow down and reflect, especially if you can write down what you notice first. Journaling is important because it allows you to develop a sense of connection to your inner self. This helps to eliminate negativity and develop a more positive outlook on life.

Capture special moments

If you are looking for tips on how to start writing a journal, the best place to start is in the quiet times between major events in your life. If you are about to write a journal, try to keep things simple and short. Don’t draft an entire novel in a single day. Your brain starts to get overloaded and you may find yourself becoming frustrated. Instead, break up long periods of journaling into smaller ones, which help your mind to process the information more smoothly. If you think you’ll need extra inspiration, consider buying a book or journaling e-book to give you extra writing inspiration.

How to write a journal isn’t solely limited to how to capture special moments. You also need to do this to preserve memories. Writing can help you remember precious moments that might otherwise be lost. As an example, if you have a snapshot of a wonderful vacation, writing it down and reviewing it periodically can keep the memory alive. This will help you preserve memories for future years.

Another way to help yourself preserve memories is to start keeping one on yourself. People generally refer to this type of journal as a tote, purse, pocket, or journal. It should have compartments for pens, pencils, paper, business cards, photos, post-its, receipts, and other objects of choice. This type of journal can be anything that helps you to keep one’s life organized.

writing journal

Observe yourself

Sometimes, writing prompts will lead you to unexpected areas of reflection. For example, if you were to observe yourself during an exercise routine, you might be surprised by how little time you spend researching what you’re about to do. However, if you have already planned out what you need to do, you’ll find it easier to focus on doing those tasks. You may find yourself replaying parts of your workout time in your mind as you play these recorded sessions. In this case, journal writing prompts are very helpful.

You may also want to write about your feelings. Most journaling programs allow you to keep a journal by recording your feelings about certain things, such as a romantic relationship, a vacation, or anything else that may trouble you. However, if your feelings are particularly painful or traumatic, you may want to choose another journaling program in order to release those emotions.

Record daily events

Finally, you should record events in your daily life as you write. If you are starting to feel anxious about an upcoming appointment or project, you may want to jot down thoughts and feelings as you prepare. As you notice a pattern developing, you may want to include this note in your daily life journal. Ultimately, journaling is an extension of your personal self-expression.

So, if you know how to write a journal, you’re ready to start documenting your daily life. You will no doubt be amazed by the depth and variety of your personal reflections. And while it is not a replacement for a scientific paper, it can provide you with an invaluable resource. Start writing!

Journaling Prompts

To get started, it’s a good idea to keep one journal per week, one each month, and one each day. However, you can use whatever works for you. The point is to be as specific as possible. As you write in your journal, you will start to get ideas for your future journaling.

One of the most popular journal prompts is “What would you like to change about yourself?” This prompt can help you write about things that make you feel good about yourself. For example, maybe you would like to write about the parts of you that are negative or depressing, such as a fear of public speaking, or a fear of failure. Other journal prompts can be about overcoming or conquering fears, or learning to love yourself again.

While your journal writing may reflect only part of who you are, it may also be a way to help you discover other parts of you. In addition, because you keep your past entries in writing, it may become easier to forget about the past entries from the past. This will help you keep looking at your past entries in your journal, which will give you insight into how you feel about yourself and your life.

Fun Gift Ideas for Creative People in Your Life

Fun Gift Ideas for Creative People in Your Life

There are some people that have a creative lifestyle. When it comes giving a gift to these people there are some cool things they would like. These are some gift ideas for creative people.

Pantone Watch

This watch has a different look to it and has some bright and exciting colors. Creative people are some of the only ones that are creative enough to wear this watch. It can be designed for a woman or a man that is not afraid of colors. The watch comes in a lemon chrome color which is a bright yellow. It also comes in a radiant orchard which is a nice purple color.

A gifts ideas for photographers

Most people have that one person in their life that enjoys taking pictures. When looking for a gift idea for a photographer it is best to avoid getting them a new camera as they need to get used to their own equipment.

Fun Gift Ideas for Creative People in Your Life

A person can give them works from famous artists. For example, they can get a camera case custom made with the works of another artist. There are a number of custom gifts that can be made with their artwork on it. A person can get them everything from a wall canvas to a coffee mug featuring their work.

Wacom Intuous Pen and Tablet

This is a great gift for the classic person that loves to draw but with a modern touch. They can use the special pen to draw on the tablet. They can draw freehand and used different mediums on the pen to color in their artwork.

They can save this work on the tablet. Since it is digital they can add to their online portfolio or they can share their work on social media. This is great for a person that loves to draw and will allow them to share their creation with the world.

Lego Architecture

This Lego set is for adults that like to draw and build. It will challenge artists in a number of ways and they can continue to create new projects. They can make a number of new structures and it will help them stay bust for hours.

Pencil by FiftyThree

This company allows artists to turn their designs into digital formats and they can use different apps to create their work. This company is a leader in the art world and uses technology to allow a person to share.


There is an app where a person can draw and then post their creations online. There are apps that use different brush styles so a person can create what they like. They can also use an eraser to make changes and to shade different areas if they need to. This device can be used on the go so an artist can draw no matter where they are.

These are some of the gift ideas to give to a creative person. The creative person appreciates different things in life and these gift ideas are a great way to appreciate their creative side.

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