As a homeowner, we dislike that black or green sports on our beautiful houses and we may think that the best solution to this problem is repainting over the molds to restore the walls to the initial appealing status.

Is this a solution? The answer is no.- painting over the mold is a temporary solution or simply postponing an aproblem because molds tend to grow fast on wet areas so after painting over them, they will grow faster and spread to the entire area.

Many people may choose to use this method because it is quick and easy to use but those who opt for this method are ignorant and they aren’t well educated on how severe molds are of they multiply. This method will not kill the molds but it will hide them for a short duration.

Signs of paint over mold.


let have a look at some of the signs that are visible if you paint over the mold or you suspect that the new apartment you have moved too has just been repainted to hide the molds.

– You will see a cracked, chipped and bubbled walls.

-If the recently painted paint turns yellow, that a sign of previous water damage.

-When you notice that the walls and the celling of your house are not entirely flat.

How to prevent mold after remediation

After mold remediation services by a professional removal company as a homeowner we what to do all we can to ensure that molds don’t recur by using mold-resistant prime, taking control of the house humanity levels, clean and dry your house after flood has occurred, make sure that you home is drat and fix all the leaks in your house


If a house has signs of mold, then that means that the house had water damage which was not appropriately handled by a professional or expert in water removal services. when you suspect mold growth below the paint, you must first establish the reason and steps to remedy the problem properly