Over the years formals have transformed from a simple party in a school gym into an event fit for movie stars. It’s not a surprise that the formal industry is bigger than ever before and earning over $3 billion in Australia only. School formals are indeed an important and exciting part of every high schooler’s life, especially for those who are done with their education, so they really deserve to go with the bang. Formals are getting more exclusive each year and students just love it. Let’s take a look at how school formals are done today.

The look 

Stars and fashion icons such as the Kardashians and various different models and celebrities serve as outfit inspirations for girls nowadays. Sweeping hemlines, plunging necklines, gold and sequins is what most of the girls choose today. In the 80s and the 90s, it was all about pink, poof and sashes, but those times have passed. When it comes to hair, girls before used to book their appointment at the hair salons weeks in advance for a super-formal look, but today casual style is more common. Girls choose to wear casual beach waves or chic buns instead of over-the-top fancy updos, and they often get together before the formal to help each other do their hair and primp rather than going to salons. Boys today have many celebrities to look to as well, with David Beckham and Ryan Reynolds ruling the red carpets with slick hair and tailored suits.

School Formal

Getting there

Nervous dads driving their teens to the formals is a thing of the past. In the 90s, kids started renting limos, but today even that’s not enough. Now, high school students are renting rides such as stretch Hummers or Range Rovers, or even Rolls Royces like real movie stars. Others, however, choose to collect money and rent a bus together to make an unforgettable entry. 

Start treatment 

Formals give kids the opportunity to dress, behave and feel like superstars for a night, and they want to take full advantage of that opportunity. Teens try to mimic the behavior of celebrities, and paparazzi are an integral part of that. Students often ask to be received by a crowd of photographers when they exit their limos and want to walk the red carpet. This not only looks and feels amazing, but they will also get many photos to remind them of that night. Also, selfie booths and media walls are becoming more and more popular at formals. 

School Formal


In the 50s and the 60s, formals were usually held in the high school gymnasiums, but as they became more and more popular and extravagant, the gym started to feel a little cheap. Now, school formals are held in more exclusive locations, such as country clubs, hotel ballrooms or banquet halls. They usually offer everything one banquet needs – from professional service staff, famous MCs and DJs, an a-la-carte dinner or catering to all-you-can-drink bars (no alcohol, naturally). There are exclusive companies that offer buffet catering, and they usually prepare different sorts of dishes and snacks for students to enjoy. Some venues even organize top-shelf security and insurance. Professional photographers and video crew are a must, of course. If some of these items are missing, the party can go bust. Some clubs or private centres are potentially cheaper and more affordable, but they lack the luxury and quality of service. Five-star venues are definitely the most desirable locations for formals today. 

Every teen that goes to a formal deserves that night to be special. They’ve earned their right to relax, have fun with their friends and get a movie-star treatment. Usually, they never forget that night and hold on to the photos and the memories they’ll cherish for the rest of their lives. Who doesn’t like to be treated like a star?