About Me

freelance editor Charlie WilsonThe Book Specialist is me, Charlie Wilson, a freelance editor and writer with 14 years’ experience, gained both in-house in publishing and as a freelancer.

Over the years I’ve worked on more than 1,000 books for authors and publishers, from crime thrillers to steamy romances, children’s fantasy novels to autobiographies, financial guides to military histories, criminology textbooks to spiritual discourses. In that time, I’ve built a reputation for expertise, quality, reliability and professionalism.

But I don’t just write and edit for clients; I write my own books too. My author background gives me a good grounding for my editorial work: I know well the process of writing, rewriting, editing, publishing and marketing. It also gives me a great deal of respect and admiration for authors. I know how much courage and grit and faith you need to write a book, edit it rigorously and then share it with the world.

My professional background

I began freelancing in 2005, after a career in publishing and corporate communications. Five years later my business had grown to the point that I was giving talks on how to be a freelance editor, and I co-wrote the book How to Succeed as a Freelancer in Publishing, which was featured in The Bookseller as one of the top books on publishing.

In my freelancing career I’ve worked on all kinds of written material, from books to magazines, reports to articles, marketing copy to dissertations and theses.

I've written, edited and proofread for all kinds of organisations:
  • freelance editor client: dummies
  • freelance editor client: IWM
  • freelance editor client: Wiley

Some years ago I choose to specialise in books, because that’s where my passion lies. Now I work on both sides of the fence for authors and publishers, writing content, offering editorial support and helping to develop books. 

To see some examples of books I’ve worked on, either ghostwriting, developmental editing, copy-editing or proofreading, click the galleries below. 

For Dummies books

Fiction and non-fiction books

My business

I’m a freelance editor who trades under a limited company:

The Book Specialist Ltd, 15 Market Street, Standish, WN6 0HW. Registered in England; company number: 7753824.

I’m based in Greater Manchester, England, but I work with authors and publishers all over the world.

Other than me, The Book Specialist has one employee: Ally. He handles all manner of admin, processing, marketing and web development work for me, which frees up my time to do what I do best: write and edit.

A little about me

I fell in love with books and writing at an early age. At three I was teaching teddies how to spell their names; at five taking great delight in red-penning my own laboured writing; at seven keeping the first of many diaries in which I wrote such gems as Went to the zoo toady. It poored and poored. By the age of nine I’d read every children’s book in my village library. Twice.

Today, I can’t go anywhere without a book, and I read voraciously and widely. I live with my husband, who’s a Kindle kind of guy; my eight-year-old son, who keeps reference books under his pillow; and my three-year-old daughter, who begs nightly, ‘Just one more story, Mummy.’