Book Reviews

Book Reviews

Book reviewerReviewing books (for free, of course) is my way of giving back to the publishing community that supports me as an editor and writer.

I love to read books of all kinds – fiction and non-fiction, children’s and adult – and I write reviews of the books I most enjoy and want to recommend to readers.

I accept review requests from publishers and publicists, and directly from authors (both traditionally published and indie). I am also open to publicity requests: blog tours, guest posts, interviews and the like – whatever supports authors. 

Books I review

I review books from my collection, books from local libraries, books sent by publishers (and downloaded via NetGalley) and books sent by authors.

I don’t care about a book’s publication date – next month, last month, last year; I don’t believe books are only relevant and interesting when newly published. I do care about the quality of the writing:

I only read books that have been professionally edited to a high standard. Indie authors: if you have not worked with a professional book editor, please don’t ask me to read your book.

I am a British editor and writer, and as such I review books published in Britain. I post reviews to my blog, my social media channels, Goodreads, BookBridgr and Amazon UK (and Amazon US, where relevant). 

When it comes to reading I have broad interests, and I am open to review requests for most genres. I am especially interested in the following:


  • Children’s (picture all the way through to young adult)
  • Contemporary
  • Crime/thriller/mystery
  • Historical
  • Literary fiction
  • Romance (limited)
  • Women’s literature


  • The Arts
  • Business
  • Children’s (all genres)
  • Culture
  • History
  • Psychology and self-help
  • Reference

I love books in which not a single word is wasted; books that surprise me, educate me, inspire me; books that I want to keep forever on my shelf; books with soul.

Little book reviewersI am passionate about encouraging bookwormery at home, and so I read and review books with my children.

Matilda is three, and she enjoys picture books, especially those that rhyme and tickle her sense of humour (favourites include The Gruffalo, Dragon Stew, Banana, Vincent the Vain and The Lion Inside).

George is eight and reads a wide range of reference books and some children’s fiction. He is particularly interested in books on history, science, technology and nature. His favourite books are Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Horrible HistoriesMinecraft: Blockopedia and every Lego book ever published.

Recent reviews

A note on integrity

Any book review I write represents my honest opinion, for which I am not remunerated. The publisher/author provides me with a review copy of the book at their expense, and I read the book and write a review free of charge. 

To avoid any conflict of interest, I don’t review books on which I have worked for authors or publishers (proofreading, editing, critiquing or ghostwriting).

Request a book review

If you’d like me to review a book, please email me in the first instance at, including a link to where I can find out about you and your book online: author website, publisher website, Amazon and/or Goodreads. (Please don’t send me an unsolicited ebook; I delete all such emails.)

Keep in mind that I am a busy writer and editor – and mum! – so I have to limit my time for reading and cannot accept all review requests. If I am interested in reviewing your book, I will be in touch.