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ghostwriterDo you have a book in you, waiting to be written? Do you have the ideas and the material, but lack the time, talent or inclination to turn the book in your head into a book on the shelf? Then you need a ghostwriter.

An experienced author and ghostwriter, I work with clients to create books in a range of genres. I rewrite books, knocking them into shape, and I write books from scratch, based on the client’s concept and, if required, my own ideas.

Over the years I have ghostwritten all kinds of books alongside my editorial work, from short ebooks up to full-length print books. It’s by far the hardest work I do – but it’s also the most rewarding because I love to write.

Why work with a ghostwriter?

Ghostwriting is a growing service area. Many clients want to ‘write’ a book, but lack the time, ability and/or interest to sit at a computer for weeks and type.

You may hire a ghostwriter for all kinds of reasons:

  • You want a book to use as a marketing hook for your business.
  • You dream of being published and have a fantastic idea, but you’re struggling to actually get words on paper.
  • You’re already published, but find you can’t write quickly enough to please readers and keep up with the market.
  • You see publishing as a business opportunity, and want to create a brand that regularly publishes a certain kind of book.

But isn’t ghostwriting cheating? people ask. My answer: Not at all; the ghostwriter is entirely accepted in the publishing industry. If you want a great, polished book, but you don’t have the time or skills to achieve this yourself, then ghostwriting offers the solution: your book, your way.

My ghostwriting specialisms

As a ghostwriter I specialise in the following areas:

nonfiction ghostwriting
Ghostwriting 'how to' guides

I write engaging, user-friendly non-fiction guides in a range of genres, from health, psychology and mind, body and spirit, to business and education.

autobiography ghostwriter
Ghostwriting life stories

I ghostwrite autobiographies for clients who wish to share their stories. Some are commercial projects; others are a means of leaving a legacy.

article ghostwriter
Author articles
Ghostwriting marketing content

Whatever an author needs written, I’ll write it. Since 2011 I’ve worked one day per week for a novelist, ghosting her blog, social media and press articles.

My ghostwriting service

This service is bespoke, tailored to the client’s needs. The client delivers the concept and any materials required, and then I ghostwrite the book.

I ask all prospective ghostwriting clients to answer the following questions:

  1. What are the basics of your book (plot or subject, genre, length)?
  2. Why do you want to publish the book?
  3. Do you have (or want to secure) a contract with a publisher, or are you looking to self-publish?
  4. Have you checked what competing books exist?
  5. Who is the target reader for your book?
  6. Have you carefully considered the cost of ghostwriting?

A note on marketability: If your book is a commercial project (you want to publish it for profit), I advise you to consider carefully whether the project is viable. Your book needs to sell in sufficient numbers to cover the cost of ghostwriting and all other costs associated with publishing.

I assess each ghostwriting request carefully, and I take on a project only when I’m satisfied that:

  • I will work well with the client.
  • I’m interested in the subject matter.
  • The book created will be of suitable quality.
  • If required, the book will be marketable.

My style as a ghostwriter

The nature of a ghostwriter is to be a chameleon and to adopt the character of the client when writing. So in my ghostwriting career I’ve written as many different people, from chef to fitness instructor, soldier-for-hire to psychologist, internet dater to ‘love guru’, SEO specialist to serial entrepreneur.

Ghostwriting is a confidential service, and a ghostwriter is, by nature, a ghost in the writing process. So you won’t find me shouting about my ghostwriting work. To get an idea of the kinds of clients I work with, take a look at the About Me page, and to get a feel for me as a writer, my non-fiction guides are a good starting point. 

Should we decide to work together on a ghostwriting project, I will recommend that I write a sample chapter before proceeding with the full book, so that you can be sure I’m the right ghostwriter for you.

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