Goodnight Already: review

Goodnight AlreadyLast year my daughter (then two) picked this book out at our village library, and I added it to our stack with nothing more than a cursory glance at the cover (decent illustration, check). Then came bedtime, and a not-remotely-sleepy child demanding stories. The exhausted-looking bear spoke to me – as did the desire to say ‘Goodnight already!’ to my daughter.

We loved the book, loved it. The colours are simultaneously soothing to a design-conscious parent and cheerful for a child, and the illustrations are fantastic. The text is witty and clever with not a single wasted word, and the circular structure is perfect for the target age range. I especially like the focus on dialogue, which forced me to come up with a duck voice and a bear voice.

I promptly added this book to my ‘gifts for toddlers’ list, because I know it won’t just entertain the child who receives it but also their exhausted parent.

My daughter, meanwhile, has sought this book out in the library several times since, along with its sequel, I Love You Already, and each time she demands (loudly) that I ‘read it already’, again and again.

* Our rating: Five stars *

Book details

Author: Jory John

Illustrator: Benji Davies


A hilarious bedtime story from debut children’s book author Jory John, and Benji Davies, illustrator of Storm Whale.

Meet Bear. He’s exhausted. All he wants is to go to sleep. Meet Duck, Bear’s persistent next-door neighbour. All he wants is to hang out . . . with Bear.

How will Bear ever fall asleep!

Genre: Children’s picture

Publisher: HarperCollins Children’s Books

Publication date: 1 January 2015

Print length: 32 pages

Available from: Amazon