Book editor client testimonial.
Book editor client testimonial.
Book editor client testimonial.


Do you need an experienced professional to develop your book? A publishers’ editor to proofread or copy-edit your manuscript? You’ve come to the right place.

I’m Charlie Wilson, The Book Specialist, an author and book editor who provides a range of editorial services to publishers and authors worldwide. In essence, this is what I do: I take a book, and I make it better. 

Over the past decade I’ve helped many hundreds of authors on their journey from rough draft to published book. From concept to print, I have the skills and creative flair to help you polish your book – whether you’re submitting to agents/publishers or self-publishing; whether you’re publishing in print or as an ebook; whether you’re an experienced writer or an aspiring author.

On this website you’ll find details of my service range, from proofreading and copy-editing, to developmental editing and writing book critiques. All services are tailored to clients’ exact needs. If you have any questions, please get in touch.


A selection of books I’ve ghostwritten, developed, copy-edited or proofread.
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